Affordable and digital solutions to Build the next generatiON of smart EU buildings

BuildON is an EU-funded project leading the way towards digitalization, automation and control of buildings, through the development of efficient and affordable technological solutions for energy efficiency.


BuildON project focuses on the transition towards decarbonization and digitalization of buildings.

Building digitalization is an innovative and systematic approach that offers excellent potential for better energy management, benefiting building occupants, owners, and the energy system.

Over 42 months and using a combination of technologies, involving monitoring, assessment, prediction and optimization, BuildON will promote a multidisciplinary approach to improve the energy performance of buildings by developing replicable and intelligent building services for the transition to a heterogeneous system of technological tools.



BuildON’s innovative technological approach will be tested by 5 pilots projects representing the smartness upgrade. The progress and feasibility of BuildON technologies will be validated in 5 different locations and with 4 different buildings types, to cover a representative set of climate conditions and building characteristics.

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