About the project

The 2021 EPDB recast highlights the central role of buildings in the energy transition towards an integrated and renewable energy-based system in EU. Reducing energy dependence from imported sources is more and more relevant in the EU context, together with reducing energy demand and accelerating the green transition.

The main objective of BuildON is to develop technologies for achieving improved energy performance applicable to the broadest range of building typologies.

BuildON aims to

Provide user-friendly tools to empower users towards more efficient energy use

Develop an interoperability framework for the integration of heterogeneous building assets

Implement scalable AI-based solutions for buildings monitoring, benchmarking and fault detection, while optimizing energy performance


The aim is to change the concept of buildings from a static perspective to a flexible “building-as-a-service” approach. The smart Transformer toolbox is a comprehensive system that enables efficient management and optimization of smart buildings. It consists of three key components: IoT edge/cloud interoperability framework, smart energy management system (MAPO services), and Digital Twins.

IoT Edge-Cloud interoperable framework for building data exchange and operation:

This framework ensures seamless integration and communication between various energy systems and devices within the building.
Its core elements include:

  • Edge Domain Controller
  • Data Access and Control
  • BuildON Data REpository
  • Universal Building API

Smart energy management system: MAPO analytics and optimisation services

This system is powered by the MAPO analytics and optimization services, adding intelligent capabilities to the IT framework. It includes services for data monitoring, assessment and prediction, as well as control strategies for optimizing performance in grid flexibility.

Digital Twins

Digital Twins are virtual representations of physical systems that simulate their behaviour. The Smart Transformer Toolbox utilizes DT for building performance simulation and for smart building operation.


The aim is to change the concept of buildings from a static perspective to a flexible
“building-as-a-service” approach.

The toolbox developed will provide affordable, adaptive, easily accessible and close-to-market services to continuously monitor and optimize building performance.
This will allow a universal vision of building needs enabling real-time monitoring and control and reducing the complexity of communications, thus maximizing the capabilities of the smart building.



BuildON consortium is composed by 20 partners who will carry out all the tasks of the project by combining multidisciplinary competences and resources, facilitating cooperation and implementing knowledge transfer.

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