BuildON has turned 1 year old: the Consortium meets in London for work and celebrations


Partners from the project have met in London for the 2nd Plenary Meeting, marking more than 1 year of work

BuildON’s partners and coordinators met in London for the 2nd Periodic Meeting, marking the thirtheenth month of worklife of the project. The 3 days meeting started with an unusual sunny day in London, and included the General Assembly and also some technical sessions among task leaders involved in the practical aspects of BuildON development.

As usual, the achievements and updates of all partners’ activities were presented, together with the identification of the most urgent matters and critical points. The meeting also served as a starting point for planning the first Review Meeting and for setting up a plan for technical developments.

A few bullet points from BuildON’s progress:

  • A roadmap for engagement was developed as a tool to guide co-creation in the project’s pilots and a workshop was held to present the next steps, including trainings for all pilots.
  • BuildON user empowerment tools for smart users will see their first technology release next October, including the SRI calculator tool, as an instrument to assess the SRI level for the piloted smart buildings. While the Smart Buildings Readiness (SMURF) assessment tool is available in its first version for operating locally, the Digital Building Logbook is currently under development and will be presented at the Autodesk DevCon Conference in Munich.
  • The technical requirements and components of the IoT edge-cloud architecture have been defined. Ongoing work includes developments for bi-directional access and interoperability with building assets for each pilot, the BuildON common data model to enable service portability, the BuildON Data Repository for data ingestion and storage and the Universal Building API specification. The next steps will contribute to the finalisation of the first technology release.
  • The first release of the Digital Twin for simulation and AI-based analytics (MAP services) will be delivered at a later stage. The first version of the Building Energy Fingerprinting services, which aim to optimize heating, domestic hot water, and RES production, has been completed for one of the pilots and will be launched for the others.
  • The O services for building performance optimization, which include environmental conditions, heating and cooling control, and flexibility between building and the grid, are looking for synergies and collaboration with other developments. The initial version of the AI-based and archetype-driven control service algorithms together with the MAP functionalities will be first validated in a lab environment.
  • In the framework of the smart readiness driven demonstration campaign, which is dedicated to the demonstration, validation, testing and replication of the pilots, a few milestones are about to be achieved, including the pilot audits, energy baseline calculation, and the preparation of the equipment for the pilots.

Lastly, the reunion was a great occasion for consolidating multiple lines of work, as BuildON is in a stage rich of collaborative actions.

As the coordinator Sofia Mulero Palencia quoted “Behind every successful project there is a strong team that speaks a common language. That is where we want to be, and we are working on a common perspective so that our individual efforts multiply rather than add up.”

Stay updated on further progress and news through BuildON’s website and social media channels.




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