BuildON partners gather in Athens for the first Plenary Meeting


The consortium of BuildON celebrated 7 months of cooperation and work along with some great greek food

On November 22nd-23rd, representatives from all BuildON partners, WP leaders and pilots leaders gathered in Athens for the Plenary Meeting. This was the first meeting after the Kick-off Meeting of last May, and it was an occasion for making the point of the situation and exchanging updates.

The 2-days meeting was rich in presentations, discussions, and workshops, and it was an opportunity to share the latest actions, define the new or revised objectives, and discuss the next steps. The activities included workshops and presentations on co-creation activities and engagement strategies, along with many technical discussions on smart building performances and virtual tools.

After seven month of work, this was an opportunity to confirm that the BuildON team laid the foundations for a successful cooperation.

The meeting was organized and histed by NTUA and it was held in the beautiful historical framework of Athens, where also one of the pilots of the project is located.

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