BuildOn project releases video on the future of smart buildings, digitalisation and energy performance

Press Release

An in-depth look at BuildON’s approach to improve building performance and smart-human interaction

10 January 2024 – The BuildON project has released its presentation video showing how it aims to boost building performance through advancements in automation, digitalisation, and decarbonisation.

About BuildON:  BuildON is an EU co-funded project that started in May 2023. It seeks “Affordable and digital solutions to build the next generation of smart buildings”. To do this, it pioneers initiatives that integrate technology with sustainable construction practices, and plans to create smart, efficient, and environmentally responsible buildings.

BuildON promotes a multidisciplinary approach to improve the energy efficiency of buildings through a heterogeneous system of technological tools, thought up by humans, for humans. The technologies are aimed at benefiting building occupants, owners, and the energy system.

The BuildON presentation video offers viewers a close look at the project’s pioneering approach to digitalisation and energy performance in buildings. From design to technology, the video highlights the key areas in which BuildON’s strives to redefine the future of smart buildings.

Watch the video on BuildON’s official website.


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