Athens and Thessaloniki (GR)

Building context

Commercial buildings

This pilot is composed by two different car dealership buildings of “Volvo Group”.
One is located in Athens (Central Greece), an area characterized by a typical Mediterranean dry summer climate (Csa) and it’s a conditioned area of 850 m².
The other one is a 250 m² area located in Thessaloniki (North Greece), in the climate zone of humid subtropical climate (Cfa).
The primary use of both these buildings is for retail and commercial purposes.

Which upgrades will be implemented?

The upgrades include LED units with dimmer switches, and new environmental sensors to measure temperature, humidity, CO₂ and light, as well as energy meters to regulate reactive energy and apparent voltage The upgraded building automation and control network includes new controllers for regulating Air Handling Units and the Variable Frequency Drives.


What do we want to achieve?

The main goal is to enhance the O&M activities and integrate RES while updating the subsystems infrastructure. The pilot will be expanded to accommodate new installations to track energy assets’ performance and reduce emissions by utilizing:

  • enhancement of the energy performance monitoring and energy management
  • provision of new AI-based control features to improve cross-domain control of energy assets, optimised energy flexibility for the grid and visual optimization for user comfort
  • generation of Digital Twins to support energy performance simulation and operation

Reach the local desk


Katerina Karagianni
Business Development Officer

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