Gdynia (PL)

Building context


The third pilot is a kindergarten built in 1951 and renovated in 2015 with PV plant on the roof. The climate zone is a typical marine climate (oceanic temperate climate, Cfb).

Which upgrades will be implemented?

The upgrades include the installation of electric meters for measuring PV production and energy consumption, electric valves and automation equipment capable of controlling energy assets .


What do we want to achieve?

The demo case aims to reduce consumption of fossil fuels in favour of greener energy from renewable sources. These measures will monitor energy performance and allows the control of smart applications used in the building.

  • deployment of the HOLISTIC gateway
  • enhancement of the energy performance monitoring and energy management
  • provision of new AI-based control features to improve cross-domain control of energy assets and IEQ optimization for user comfort
  • generation of a Digital Twin to support building performance simulation

Reach the local desk


Magdalena Bogucka-Dzik

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