Helsinki (FI)

Building context

Residential building

The pilot is a residential apartment building located in the city of Helsinki, which has been renovated in several phases over the years. Built in 1970, last upgrade in 2020, it has 4 storeys and 32 dwellings. The climate zone of this area is warm-summer continental climate (Warm-summer humid continental climate, Dfb).

Which upgrades will be implemented?

The upgrades foresee the improvement of the building automation and control network with smart energy management system devices, including electronic thermostatic radiator valves with connection gateways and other metering and sensoring systems.

What do we want to achieve?

The aim enhance the building energy performance of the multi-storey apartment, by improving its operational capacity and reduce the use of the gas powered DHN, while simultaneously providing equal indoor environment conditions for all apartments’ residents.

This will be implemented by:

  • deployment of the HOLISTIC gateway
  • enhancement of the energy performance monitoring and energy management
  • provision of new AI-based control features to improve cross-domain control of energy assets, optimised energy flexibility for the grid and visual optimization for user comfort
  • generation of a Digital Twin to support building performance simulation

Reach the local desk


Jenni Korsrå
Energy Manager

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