Valladolid (ES)

Building context

Residential building

The first pilot is a residential building composed of 14 floors, plus 4 dwellings on each floor. It was built on the 1960s and renovated in 2018 in the context of the REMOURBAN project.
The climate zone of Valladolid is a typical Mediterranean climate, with warm and dry summers (Mediterranean warm/cool summer climates, Csb).

Which upgrades will be implemented?

The upgrades envisioned for this pilot aim to enhance the Building Automation and Control Network, particularly by installing electronic thermostatic radiator valves with connection gateways, and a second-life battery with its inverter to implement sustainable and green energy.

What do we want to achieve?

The demo case aims to provide new energy efficiency measures to buildings in which renovations or further upgrades are not easily implemented and are posing technical limitations. To this end, the project will implement the following actions:

  • deployment of the HOLISTIC gateway
  • enhancement of the energy performance monitoring and energy management
  • provision of new AI-based control features to improve cross-domain control of energy assets and optimised energy flexibility for the grid
  • generation of Digital Twins to support energy performance simulation and operation

Reach the local desk


Pablo Marcos
Research Engineer

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